Lead generation. Prospecting. Outbound sales. 
All have one thing in common:

They are dead.

HANGAR49 emerges from the noise to help future-focused B2B Edtech businesses connect with new, relevant, ready opportunities.

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They trust us with their Lead Generation
  • What are good conversion rates?
  • What is the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
  • What is the optimal approach for each ICP?
  • How can we test the hypothesis across different channels & methods?
  • Email & LinkedIn engagements
  • How does data, design & granularity play a role?
  • How can the experiments be best observed and interpreted?
  • Drill down into key ratios & opportunity acceptance rates
  • Which empirical conclusions can we reasonably draw?
  • Based on the results, how can we iterate & evolve?
  • What are the hidden patterns within the data?
  • What kinds of valuable market insights can be derived?

Generating Demand

is more science than art.

After 12+ years of experience, HANGAR49 has learnt to marry science and art into everything we do.



client retention

1 IN 8

INTRODUCTIONS are Fortune500

"Be it in fintech, edtech, software, solar or aeronautics...
We unleash demand for a select portfolio of B2B companies


Let's chat and see if we're a good fit to fly tandem."

Alon Lichtenstein
CEO / Chief Fighter Pilot

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Fuel up on Conversations

We’re on a mission to fuel real conversations
& give your business wings ✈️

Sales Turbine

A flagship monthly service that generates new conversations and market intelligence on key opportunities.

Driven by data, guided by our mission-informed learnings, and piloted by a dedicated H49 customer success manager, the H49 sales turbine is best deployed when supporting in-house sales teams.

Contact us for more on how our sales turbine can help you grow revenue share.

Mission Consulting

We offer tranches of highly experienced consulting support to help your sales and marketing strategy takeoff. Take advantage of H49’s unique human + technology insights to level up how your organization engages + converts new customers and markets.

We love (sky) diving right in. Book an orientation call with us to learn more.

Prospect Data Platform

Take the power of our in-house prospect analytics dashboard with H49’s tailored SaaS demand generation solution. Create data control towers, commission new messaging journeys, empower team members and drill down into custom engagement avionics. 

Book a slot with us here to schedule a 20-minute flythrough.

Outbound Accelerator

Spend your time closing rather than searching, and let us manage targeted messaging, bolstering your qualified appointments and garnering the right attention.

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Conversation Lab

Whether it’s in tandem with your team or as a bolt-on to the growth engine, H49 enables sales teams to craft bespoke prospect nurturing journeys. Our outbound model converts prospects into ready and willing conversations. Efficient, intelligent, reliable business development support.

Let’s discuss how we can help you close more opportunities.


Get 1000 New Prospects
every month
with our Demand Gen Engine.

From manual research, prospecting and data cleansing, to scaling automated messaging outreach and consistent conversation management, HANGAR49 enables our clients to build methods to the madness of sales.


Mark Frankel
CEO | Black Umbrellas

HANGAR49 bring a science and logic we never knew existed to our marketing and lead generation.

HANGAR49 do what they say and say what they do. They provided great support through each step of the process, honest feedback as to the results we were seeing and meaningful suggestions as to how we could improve.

Kudos to HANGAR49.

Wesley Lynch

CEO | Snapplify

Since partnering with HANGAR49 we’ve been able to scale into new markets pretty well.

Their approach is structured, their leads are real, they are efficient and get results quickly. They add great value to our sales team.

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